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Laundry Analysis

Advise Laboratories analyzes Laundry according to the Wilson-Ball protocol for the following:

  1. Presence of Bacteria: Bacteria count is rated as follows
    • 100 Excellent ( 0 Colony Forming Units (cfus) present)
    • 95 Very Good (less then ten cfus present)
    • 90 Good (10-25 cfus present)
    • 85 Satisfactory (25-250 cfus present)
    • 0 Failure (>250 cfus or intestinal or skin group bacteria present)
  2. pH: we rate the pH colorimetrically
  3. Absorbency: we test the test piece to ensure excess detergent is not used
  4. Presence of a Bacteriostatic Compound: Zone of inhibition for antimicrobials is measured

Submitting a Laundered sample:

Please send a clean laundered sample more than four square inches to our address:

Advise Labs, 3719 Garrett Road, Drexel Hill, PA 19026

in a sealable plastic bag along with a return address for billing and shipping the results. Do not touch the inside portion. Expect results within 2 weeks. For more information contact us.



Phone: 610-624-1775 or 484-461-9722 | Kennett Square drop-off phone: 610-444-4508 (law office)